Will My New Roof Keep Water out of My House?

Roofing is a vital part of the construction process as the roof is the first line of defense against the elements.   Protection from the elements has been a priority for the human race since the dawn of time!   Over thousands of years this need need for protection has remained but the solutions have been constantly evolving.   

No matter the type of cover used, the principles have remained the same:  KEEP THE WATER OUT OF MY HOUSE.    

One of the key components of a roofing system that is often overlooked is drip edge.   Drip edge comes in many different shapes and sizes to properly fit the various types roof decking that it protects.   I’d like to focus this post on aluminum drip edge installed under asphalt shingles for residential applications.   This strip of metal is a key element in the protection of both the home’s roof decking as well as the siding where the walls of the house meet the roofline.

The most critical location for drip edge will be where the majority of the water falling on the roof will eventually end up, the edge of the roof line (known as the eave).   Not only does drip edge protect the most vulnerable portion of the roof decking by covering it with a nonporous metal sheathing, but it also kicks water out and away from the fascia boards, extending the lifespan of the home’s siding. 

There are many components to a well installed roof, each with a different purpose and value.   Make sure you speak with your contractor about the placement of drip edge and look for the line item in any roofing contract before signing on the dotted line!!!!

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