I hired greater Boston roofing to do a partial roof replacement on my rental property. It is a duplex and the other half is owned by someone’s else. I have a management company that maintains the property and has their own maintenance and contracting crew as well as vendors. I had a leaking roof and my management company could not find a solution and refused to complete replacement of my portion of the roof because they said the whole roof had to be done based on the structure. As an out of state owner I’m so glad I found greater Boston roofing! They really came through and informed me that I only needed written permission from the owner of the other side of the building. They quoted me a fair price compared to others, and also had the best options for workmanship and manufacturers warranty. They sent me a link to colors of product so I could do everything remotely and were very easy to coordinate with. The completed the work quickly and were honest about payment terms. Was an easy process overall with great communication.