Greater Boston Roofing met and exceeded my expectations with their materials, time it took from start to finish and the cleanup. The dumpster on site was incredible as well as the netting that caught anything that flew off of the roof. The workmanship and communication exceeded my expectations. They were very prompt and delivered what they said they would. They are very true to their words. I would like to recognize Lisa Zonfrillo and the on-site supervisor Ralph for their exceptional service. Lisa was incredible with walking me through the process of a choice of the multitude of roofing shingles, make, styles and colors. Plus she was always there to answer or get an answer of my many questions never making me feel uncomfortable or stupid with my lack of (or limited) knowledge about roofing. Ralph the on-site supervisor was great. He kept his men working and had all materials needed onsite to complete the job. I’m impressed by the whole process. Being that my family has been in contractor/construction my whole life up until my father passed. I know the difficulties of running many jobs at one time. I give 5 stars to this roofing company. Only 5 because I’m limited in amount of stars. Otherwise I’d give many many more stars. Beat out competition with material availability and pricing. Though don’t tell Greater Boston Roofling, I’d gladly pay more $ for expertise, workmanship and cleanliness than a cheaper price for unskilled, non communicative roofers who make me feel stupid for asking a question. I didn’t find anyone on Cape Cod as straight forward as G.B.R- tell it like it is peeps are my type of people. No B/S or surprises. Been through a few storms since installation with no leaks, no wind damage or any issue with anything.
A very happy customer.