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Humble Beginnings

Having worked in the solar industry for years, founder and director of business development, Alex Lappin was constantly frustrated at having to cancel solar installations due to poor quality roofs. Alex began a search for a professional and reliable roofing contractor to partner with to solve this problem.  For over six months he tried several alliances but they all failed due to the sloppy practices of many roofing companies.  He finally approached an old friend and custom home builder, Enda Garry, for assistance.   They joined forces and the rest is history!

Greater Boston Roofing is changing the roofing industry by bringing professionalism, integrity and a customer-centric approach to roofing sales and installation.  Alex and Enda’s strategy has exceeded all expectations.  In less that one year more than 800 homes in Massachusetts and their happy owners were enjoying the benefits of clean energy and beautiful new roof.   

Experience and Expertise

As Construction Manager, Enda understands that the roof is the most important piece of protection against Mother Nature and should be respected as such.   Handy from birth, Enda grew up learning home improvements from his father.   He owned a successful South Boston based landscape design and construction company for several years and then left Boston to pursue a custom home building opportunity along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  He returned to Boston to join Alex with a vision of creating the number one roofing company in New England.

A Winning Team

In our attempts to ensure that each customer receives the highest levels of service, Greater Boston Roofing is unique in offering  a dedicated Project Manager who serves as both the customer liaison and quality control expert for every residential roofing project.    The Greater Boston Roofing management team is comprised of experienced, hard working professionals that are trained to ensure that every homeowner feels at ease with their construction project throughout the process.  

Greater Boston Roofing’s five residential roofing crews operate six days per week.  Punctual, efficient and experienced, these crews are the backbone of our operations and make quick work of large and difficult roofing projects.  We typically complete projects in less than a day! We establish a professional demeanor for all of our roofers and do not condone swearing, smoking or loud music on a customer’s property. Each crew has at least one dedicated cleaner whose tasked with keeping the job site orderly and expeditiously removing any roofing debris. At the end of the project, the entire team conducts an exhaustive sweep for small bits of roofing debris and nails ensuring your yard and landscaping looks pristine – better than before!

Our Mascott, Finn

Raised on a farm for abandoned animals, Finn exemplifies perseverance. After a fateful meeting with Enda and his wife, Finn has spent the last 3 years on construction sites bringing smiles to hardened faces. His infectious playfulness and carefree demeanor has made him popular with staff and customers alike.


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